As the name “Encompass Homes” suggests, our products such as the Window Limiters, Invisible Grilles & Zip Blind are meant to embrace you safely and comfortably within your home.
Our installation workers have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Hence, we pride ourselves in providing a higher level of product quality and service standard.

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Our Team

Encompass homes is a team of experienced grilles and home renovation experts with more than 20 years of combined experience in this industry.

Products & Services

We deliver quality products at high level of service & care to our clients.

Our Beliefs

We value every person whom we serve, clients, suppliers and staff alike; We believe good business relationship is based heavily onTrust, Mutual Respect, Fair Practice and Open Communication. We strive towards an all-win outcome.

Safety • Sanity • Sanctuary

Safety gives you peace of mind which contributes to a sound state of mind (your sanity); a safe home is a “sanctuary”.

What We Do


Invisible grilles are made with thin yet tough stainless-steel cables that may come in different thicknesses and coatings. The primary objective is to enclose balconies and windows for the enhancement the safety of these areas by preventing accidental fall.
Unlike the traditional grilles, invisible grille gives you an open feel by allowing natural breeze and light. Your home no longer looked like a prison cell from the exterior.
Let Encompass Homes customise your invisible grilles design according to your lifestyle.

As with the number of years invisible grilles is in singapore, so does the experience of our installers. Trust us to provide the safety “net” to your home.