Invisible Grilles

Invisible Window Grilles

The invisible window grille is an architectural marvel that has reshaped the way we think about home security and aesthetics. The traditional window grilles available in Singapore were bulky and tacky, with little to offer in terms of elegance. The contemporary grilles we offer are a world apart from the limited options available in the past. With the trendy and sophisticated invisible window grilles from Encompass Homes, you will be able to secure your home while enjoying unobstructed views that contribute to its overall visual appeal.

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Elevate Your Home Security with Invisible Window Grilles

Encompass Homes offers a diverse range of window grilles that cater to the distinct needs and preferences of home and business owners. Our standard invisible window grilles are great for creating sleek looks without hindering views. Want a more sleek and space-efficient solution for your cramped HDB flat? Consider a fixed design invisible grille. You can enjoy versatile functionality with casement or sliding invisible grilles. For balconies, upper floors, or mezzanines, we have invisible balcony grilles customised to the dimensions and design of such spaces. 

Enhance Security Seamlessly with Invisible Window Grilles

An invisible window grille provides protection to a window opening, preventing unwanted entry even if you forget to lock your windows. What sets them apart from traditional window grilles is their unobtrusive design, which blends seamlessly with the window frame and goes virtually unnoticed. From afar, hardly anyone will notice your windows are barred by grilles!

Invisible window grilles are discreet yet powerful additions to residential and commercial spaces.

Encompass Homes’ invisible grilles are 100% customisable safety grilles to fit any window, balcony or stairway opening according to the users’ unique requirements. These invisible grilles are tailor-made by looping a marine grade stainless steel cable, coated with a protective thermoplastic membrane around multiple cable locking nuts set at a desired interval, housed within a pair of aluminium tracks, with or without an external frame. 

The user can have a gap as tight as 1.5” to secure a young kitten or prevent intrusion by the monkeys and have the grille at a recommended 4” gap or wider to serve as a boundary marker for fall deterrence

Whichever gap you choose, Encompass Homes ensures that you have an uncompromised panorama. 

Dynamic Living Spaces with Sliding Invisible Grilles

Outfit your living spaces for improved security, great looks, and unmatched convenience with sliding invisible grilles. These innovative grilles are equipped with a user-friendly sliding mechanism that allows you to change their positions. That’s right; unlike fixed grilles, you can open or close a sliding grille, similar to a window! With a sliding invisible grille, you can have more access to the area outside the window, improving the overall convenience of modern spaces without increasing their security risks. 

Tailored Security Solutions: Invisible Grilles for HDB Flats

Encompass Homes offers a range of invisible grilles tailor-made exclusively for HDB flats. These grilles are perfect for preventing unwanted entries and accidental exits! Our invisible window grilles can act as a safety barrier in high-rise apartments that protects children and pets from accidentally stumbling out of windows or balconies. They are strong enough to hold up against corrosion and tampering, but they are also thin enough to be elegant. 

Blending Safety and Style: Casement Invisible Grilles 

Casement invisible grilles are specially designed for windows that open outward. Casement grilles are attached directly to the window frames, making it difficult to forcibly remove them. This type of grille is perfect for effectively securing windows that you might think are more prone to security risks than others. Plus, these grilles can look quite ritzy and are very easy to clean and maintain as well. 

Guaranteed Security: Exploring Fixed Invisible Grilles

Fixed invisible grilles provide exceptional security as they are firmly secured to the side of the window, almost completely eliminating the risk of an intruder forcing them open. Unlike traditional fixed grilles, invisible grilles will not make it look like you have barred your windows. They are a stylish alternative to the usual, prison-like grilles, but with the same level of security. 

Uninterrupted Views, Uncompromised Safety: Invisible Balcony Grilles

Invisible balcony grilles are barricades intended for windows and open areas on elevated platforms. If you have an elevated verandah, mezzanine, a deck, or a similar place where you can look down from, invisible balcony grilles can minimise the risk of accidental falls. They will safeguard your balcony without blocking out the light and cool breeze. You will be able to enjoy time on a balcony without worrying about kids, pets, or people getting into an accident. In addition, if you think your balcony increases the risk of an intruder coming into your home, invisible balcony grilles will offer an added layer of protection. 

Crafting Your Security: Customisation for Invisible Window Grille Products from Encompass Homes 

Encompass Homes is committed to offering you the invisible grille product that best matches your premises. You can easily customise each of our products for size, so you can install the grille without running into measurement issues. 

Here is a step-by-step guide to customising your invisible window grille from Encompass Homes:

  1. Call 8484-2396 with the invisible window grille product you have in mind. 
  2. Tell us the size you need. We will custom-cut the product for you. 


Arrange for our staff members to come to your home for a site assessment and provide you with accurate advice according to your requirements.  

  1. Once the design is accepted and confirmed, we will fabricate the grilles and arrange a suitable time to install the grille.
  2. All you need to do is sit back and relax.

As we do not collect the Goods and Services Tax (9%) we have the most competitive prices on the market. So, why wait ? Enjoy the perfect blend of safety, style, and quality with invisible window grilles from Encompass Homes and redefine your approach to both home security and design!